LUG/IP Mialing Lists

Besides our regular meetings and events, one of the main methods
of interaction in the Linux Users Group in Princeton is via our mailing lists.

We currently maintain the following lists:


Announcements pertaining to LUG/IP, its website, and its mailing lists are posted here by the club's officers. It is very low volume, and moderated. (Only officers may post.)

If you only sign up for one LUG/IP mailing list, this should be it!


(Only officers may post to the lugip-announce list)

lugip - General Discussion

A general discussion list where people can discuss
Linux, computers, technology, the LUG/IP club itself, and more.

This is the 'core' list of the group. If you want to chat with
other LUG/IP members about Linux, this is the list you want!

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